Lordex Decompression

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“A Non-Surgical Approach to Your Disc Problems”

This program is specifically designed for each patient and treatment frequency depends upon severity of complaints, objective findings and diagnostic study review.

Non-Surgical Decompression Therapy is proven effective in a large majority of candidates that meet the criteria for this treatment who suffer from herniated and bulging discs, Degenerative Disc Disease and other serious spine related disorders. It is designed solely for the purpose of relieving pressure related compression issues which have long been known to be the number one cause of most back pain. Mechanical decompression is an especially attractive alternative to back surgery which is a risky, painful, and expensive procedure for which some people never fully recover.

The Lordex Spinal Decompression system utilizes an FDA-cleared therapy called “closed reduction decompression” that alleviates pain by taking pressure off the nerves and discs in the neck. Pressure on the nerves in this region is a major cause of radiating pain into the arms and hands and other painful conditions.

Lordex treatment does far more than provide temporary relief from pain. In many cases, the Lordex system can produce long-term pain relief because it corrects the problem of herniated, bulging, or “slipped” discs. The system does this by creating a “negative pressure” in the disc, thus taking pressure off the sensitive nerves that surround the spine. Lordex works by providing a gentle force to the involved cervical disc pathology through the use of the Lordex Decompression Unit.

Lordex manipulates the vertebrae of the spine so that the bulging disc is able to return to its normal size and position through a process known as a “vacuum effect”. This allows increased nutrients and oxygen to flow into the disc through the process of imbibition. This is the best and most effective non-surgical treatment program for the spinal correction and relief of serious or chronic/acute neck pain. 86% of patients with herniated or ruptured discs and 75% of patients with facet arthrosis achieved "Good" to "Excellent" results.

8-Way Cervical Strength machine is designed to allow disc patients to rehabilitate the cervical spine musculature. Decompression may solve the main issue but rehabilitation is critical to reduce the likelihood of recurrence.

Lordex Free Floating Decompression is the process and exact method of restraining the upper torso in a fixed position and suspending the lower trunk to produce “pressure elimination” in the lumbar spine. This process creates the effect of Floating Decompression. This natural traction force provides reduction of pressure in the soft tissue, osseous, vascular and intervertebral structures. Floating Decompression allows the treating professional to perform mobilization and stretching of the lumbar spine. Neural and hamstring stretching in the unloaded position is unequalled on any other machine.